Onshore Compressive Seismic

Onshore Compressive Seismic offers the opportunity to acquire higher quality seismic data for less cost than similar conventional approaches. This is accomplished by two techniques. The first technique acquires more source points through simultaneous sampling and deblending of the data. The second technique is wavefield reconstruction, which uses non-uniform samplings. Wavefield reconstruction allows properly designed CS-Acquisition projects to be regularized in order to have more traces than were actually acquired in the field—which increases fold. Depending on the source and the specifics of a project, combining both techniques—CS-Acquisition and CS-Deblending & Wavefield Recon—provide the maximum benefit.

In-Depth Compressive Seismic’s approach is to work with the client to design a survey that is optimized for solving the unique geophysical problem, while at the same time meeting the requirements of CS-Acquisition and CS-Deblending & Wavefield Recon techniques. The client can then take the design to their chosen acquisitions company for data collection. Next, the field data is delivered to In-Depth for our proprietary CS deblending. Once deblended, the data is now normal SEGY traces (approximately 8 – 12 seconds) which can be processed by In-Depth Geophysical.